About Me

A little bit about me, I come to this space with over 32 years of experience navigating Corporate America starting at the bottom and making my way to the executive suite. I gained great business knowledge and experience while working in the USA and Internationally. During my time in Corporate America, I had the unique opportunity to work for startups as well as publicly traded organizations.




- Personal development
- Leadership development
- Accountability
- Marketing (strategy)
- Sales (strategy)

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- Sales Enablement Development
- Marketing
- Presales Initiatives
- Organizational Structure Development
- Sales Cycle and Execution
- Competitive Analysis
- Sales Kickoff Planning and Execution

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- Sales Enablement Curriculum
- Job Roles Definitions and Skills Assessment
- Roles Based Onboarding Programs
- Continuing Education
- Face to Face
- On-Demand
- Sales Kickoff Design and Execution

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The time is now. Let’s work together to put on the road to success.

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